Join in for an unusual adventure with Space Jan', a regular old space janitor for whom fate had other plans. A malfunction on board has caused his cleaner ship to crash on the Moon, and now Space Jan' must recover the broken pieces of his ship that have scattered everywhere. Thanks to his Keeper Pad, he can gather objects of any kind on its hi-tech tiles that allow him to store items and use them anytime. But be careful: slimes have invaded the surface and are now curious about the crash and the unique objects Space Jan' is after. Don't let them get away with your stuff, especially your hearts, because once your last heart is out of your Keeper Pad or your grasp, it's Game Over.

OBJECTIVE: Gather the scattered ship pieces and bring them to the Keeper Pad. Slimes will try and steal them, as well as your hearts and equipment.

Arrow Keys: Move
X: Grab/Drop items
C: Attack

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